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From lost


Are you running out of energy? Do you feel drained? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone! It’s only human to feel this way – especially in times like these.

Our brain is wired to create up to 80 percent of negative thoughts per day. It is called “negativity bias”. Whether we like it or not: Negative thinking is a big part of our human experience. It even influences our feelings more than positive or neutral things. The good news is: We can oppose this negative effect! GRATEFULNESS and focusing on all the good that we have and that is happening to us daily is a great exercise.

Give your brain a little kick and guide it to healthy thoughts that will enable YOU to take challenges with a strong and reasonable mind.

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From negative


Would you wish to be free of worrying thoughts and those helpless feelings of uncertainty? Many of us are suffering from the insecurity around what consequences this Virus might have on us – physically but also existentially.

Worrying thoughts seem necessary to us but they are NOT!  No matter how the circumstances are, YOU and only you are the MASTER of your THOUGHTS!

Let me help you identify your thoughts – the fearful and the hopeful ones. Together we will look at their origin and their often “false” purpose.

"Franziska has been an absolute blessing during a difficult time. She has allowed me to find clarity by asking thoughtful, careful questions followed by giving me space and time to unpick my own thoughts and values. Coaching has been such an empowering process and has given me the tools to be more present in the now and more optimistic about the future. She is honestly amazing!" Ella

Here is how life coaching works

Every coaching package is tailored to your bespoke needs, but in general the process looks something like this:

Step 1

Getting clear on your vision

Before you can achieve any goal, you first need to know what it is exactly that you want to have and create.


Getting clarity around your goals and knowing how this will have a positive impact on your life is the first and most important step of your coaching journey with me. We will take as much time as is needed to get this right! You will then know exactly what it is that you are working towards to. The motivation and a feeling of deeper purpose of your journey will now come naturally.

Step 2 

Getting started

Often what is holding us back from moving forward or choosing a new direction is a feeling of overwhelm.


Where and how to start? Don’t worry! I am your supportive partner on your journey. I’m fully committed to helping you create the strategy and start taking action towards your desired goal.


Sometimes this means to take practical steps. And often we need to start by looking at our mind-set and how we can change perspective to create an inner readiness for change or new opportunities. In any ways – it is all possible and you can totally do it!

Step 3 

Explore, explore and explore even more

While making sure that you stay connected with what it is that you want to create for yourself and to keep momentum, we will put a lot of energy into exploring who you are, who you want to be and what is really important for you. We will work around limiting beliefs, values, strengths and again – we will always make sure that you stay connected with your “opportunity-focused” mindset which will enable you to make anything happen!

Get started with a


Whether you need to find focus, get started, maintain momentum or you’re looking for on-going support:

there is a program for you. Start the change you want to create in your life with one of my coaching plan options.

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Are you ready?

Every change starts with a single step. And that first step could be as simple as scheduling a no-cost discovery call to see if I’m the right person to help you make your difference.

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