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What is relationship coaching?

Relationship Coaching with me is… NOT headlong intensive couples therapy. It’s also NOT purely ‘problem’ based.


It’s rather based on questions like: Where are we at in our relationship? What can we do to overcome an issue? How do we need to be different towards each other if we want to live in a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding? How do we deal with our differences? What do we need to do to have more day to day connection and intimacy? 

What does relationship coaching entail?

We will shed light towards the future and towards what you want for yourselves as a couple.

We will look at the ‘status quo’ of your relationship, at what is happening for both of you here and now and where you would like to see and feel improvements, lightness and togetherness. 


Old patterns of behaving and interacting with each other are still identified, but our major work is in finding ways of overcoming obstacles to closeness and connection.


Our common goal is to find those specific solutions and agreements that work for both of you and that you are both willing to commit to. 

Want to learn more? Let's have a chat!

"Franziska was recommended to us by a friend, I was quite anxious before our first session but Franziska instantly made us feel comfortable with her warm & friendly manner, especially as the things we were discussing were stressful & personal. She is very creative and supportive and has lots of useful exercises up her sleeve to use during and outside of the sessions. Franziska has been extremely caring, if she finds a podcast, an article or a book that she thinks will help us on our journey she will send it through, and she often checks in to make sure you are doing ok. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Here is one great benefit of relationship coaching!

Most happy relationships have an alignment of values and needs. When couples have lost this, they are often stuck in destructive behaviour towards each other. They are emotionally out of balance and can find it hard to talk respectfully, caring and effectively about their issues and needs.

Relationship Coaching creates a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and wishes, identifies sources of conflict and gives couples a trustful framework to have calm, respectful and solution focused conversations.

My role as a relationship coach is...

…to be a kind of professional partner alongside your journey to more happiness in your relationship. See me as a kind of expert guide who can offer you helpful guidance and motivation when you need it. Our conversations will allow a better understanding of dynamics, we will experiment with possible different perspectives and explore where you might effortlessly be able to get unstuck.

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