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Coaching Terms & Conditions

All my coaching packages are tailored to you, and your individual needs. You determine the pace. Where you’re at decides the detail of what we’ll cover.

Changes to Session Times:

Appointments can be rescheduled by either party with 24 hours’ prior notice. If the Coachee postpones a session with less than one full working day notice, the coaching session will be forfeited without reimbursement of the coaching fee. If the coachee misses a session without rescheduling, that session is not refundable.



The content of discussions between the Coach and Coachee shall remain confidential, unless disclosure of specific information is mutually agreed by the Coach and Coachee. The Coachee’s progress towards agreed goals, however, may be discussed by the Coach with agreed stakeholders (eg: Coachee’s manager, Human Resources) if relevant.


Nature of Relationship:

On behalf of the Client, the Coachee enters into a Coaching Agreement with a Coach with the understanding that he or she is responsible for creating his or her own decisions and results. The Client agrees not to hold the Coach liable for any actions taken by the Coachee.


The role of the Coach is to support and challenge the Coachee in clarifying their goals and strategies and achieving their desired changes and development. The Coachee remains solely accountable for taking action and making the desired changes.  Neither the Coachee nor the Client Company will hold the Coach responsible or liable if the Coachee does not achieve any or all of his or her goals.


Termination of Agreement:

This agreement may be terminated before the end of the coaching period by each party giving fourteen (14) days written notice if:


  1. Within three (3) business days after the third session, either the Coach or Coachee believes that the coaching partnership is not appropriate to continue for the remainder of the coaching period

  2. Either party fails to observe any of the terms and conditions of this agreement and fails to remedy the breach within five (5) business days

  3. Either party fails to observe any of the terms and conditions of this agreement that are unable to be remedied

  4. Payment of the agreed coaching fees are not made within 14 days of the agreed due date


In the event of fees owed at the time of termination, full payment is due and payable.

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