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Great news!

All of my workshops are specifically designed for those who have similar interests, struggles and questions in life!


"The workshop was very valuable for me. Hearing other participants share their reflections helped me re-evaluate my issues. It was perfect to set a good start for the year and reflect on what part of my life I want to change and work on. I got new opinions and fresh ideas, and Franziska professionally coached this process. She is a good listener and is emphatic to relate to individual challenges. I will include this workshop into my annual new year activities, for sure."


Connection, communication and community!

When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values, beliefs and questions in life, amazing things can happen.


Being part of a group means you have access to different viewpoints and approaches to problems and challenges.


You get to give and receive support.


The incredible energy and collective wisdom of a group can rapidly get you the clarity you need and a strong feeling of where you are at in life.

Here is how my workshops make a difference!

Whether it's topics such as "Goals", "Mid Life", "Creating Boundaries" or "Work Life Balance". We support each other in an inspirational and open-minded atmosphere which allows us to explore, discuss, share, write and laugh together as a group!

In an inspirational and open-minded atmosphere, we will be working together around one specific theme. Said this, each individual member of the group has their own goals although all members may be in a similar phase or timeframe in their life.

Depending on the topic and size of the group we will be working together for 2 hours to one whole day. In an atmosphere of trust, we will think, talk, share, write and hopefully also laugh. Each for themselves and all together we will create clarity, awareness and insights. A better understanding of what it is that is going on for us and what we ultimately need to do will evolve. Listening to others will help to realise that we are not alone with our struggles. Ideas can be shared and most importantly, we will not judge each other.


Last but not least, there is no leaving without some really solid and do-able actions to start taking from that day on! You might even want to stay in touch with your fellow participants to hold each other accountable, benefit from each other’s networks or resources – everything is possible, nothing an obligation.


Got interested? Book a free call to discuss further. I’m more then curious to hear what further topics you are interest in.

 "Franziska has the great skill to get the thought process and creative connections flowing and to steer us to communicate our thoughts and emotions into actions. Also love her always positive energy. I have been reflecting a lot and can for sure recommend to attend her workshops if you want to start living more intentionally." Amy

To get notifications about any of my upcoming workshops, please complete this form below. Please feel free to share what workshop topics you would be interested in.

Thank you for sharing!

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